Mary of the Moon
Friday, 18 September 2009
Channeling on Ascension

Spirit Guide:   Mary, I know her as  a goddess of the moon, of light energy, she is the high priestess that helps us see to through the darkness. She has stood beside me in reiki healings and I have written a guided meditation to her.  I only can guess her name is Mary because that is who I was told I was named after, her, and her mother from the Christian version, but as I grew so did I grow in my knowledge of her.  I just prefer to call her Mary of the Moon.




We are all journeying and in our journey we find the light but we also find the darkness.  Do not be afraid of the darkness or the journey itself because both are the captivating seeking of our souls.  We seek the light to be the light and that is admirable but when we find the dark we recoil in disgust yet it is important to understand that in defining the duality we cease to be dual, not the opposite.  There is an acceptance of all realms of light and dark understanding that all are evolving – there is no static, there is only change.  That change is progressing so fast and yet it is comical in some ways how it is arriving into people’s consciousness, they want to know for certain – here is this level here are the rules, the symptoms the way of being.  Sigh – if it were so structured  that well most of you would be quite bored.  Mary Ann gets bored a lot –she wants to know why such and such isn’t manifesting as quickly or as perfectly as she has designed – because she is only partly in control – in fact there really is little control – there is creative energy and quite often that is messy –s o when it is messy for her well she wants to know why – there is no answer except when you make a cake there is a bowl to lick – when you build a building there is a trash to take out – whatever you do is not ever necessarily neat, clean or orderly but that is the fun of it too.

Wandering – the topic that Mary Ann has questioned so much lately is the combination of the law of attraction and compassion – and if they are opposites.  No, they are not.  We grow in our ability to magnetize our energy fields as we become aware but as that awareness grows so does our awareness of others and their plight, their evolvement.  Your energies mingle and we think you may get worried that you pick up negative energy – dears don’t be afraid of the dirt.  The dirt that you find will make your light stronger not weaker. What I mean by dirt is by digging deep within your own shadows or not being afraid to step into the shadow of another to be a light of hope and compassion. But yes when we connect we take on the energies of others so our light must be very strong in order to do so but this is the most important thing that can be said, you are not alone – you are not doing this on your own – the guiding force of the universe, the spirits that live in these realms that a few of you are now seeing, well they are there to help – we are all not alone.

Ascension – what a beautiful vision is ascension – there are ways to ascend yes but the most profound way is through your heart, through your capacity to love, through your ability to let go of that reasoning mind that tells you a million reasons why you can not extend love  or healing energy to another being, and then do so anyway.

When you bust through those blocks of whys and why nots, you not only ascend you stop pretending – you stop pretending that you are limited by your circumstances, and you regain faith in your own journey .  Your journey is blessed and your path is lit and even though sometimes there doesn’t feel like there is a hand to hold, or someone carrying your basket of hopes, there always is.

That is all for now.


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