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Healing Our Future World
Friday, 15 January 2010
Healing Our Future World

Healing our Future World


Healing that which has not yet occurred seems to be a bit of a stretch for many as they are learning to just now work with new energies and be able to heal their own lives.  Yet healing the future can be done and perhaps is an important part of growing as  a light worker.   Most often in this world we are reacting to what is and what has already occurred.  But because we are reacting to the physical manifestation of a harmful event, natural disaster or effect of mankind we most often are in the reactionary position.  We continue to pick up energetically after what has already manifested.  Many healers are in essence sending healing to repair, release, restore and renew, which is great and needs to be done.  Much of that energy of reiki, prayer and intention is needed now in the world, especially Haiti. 


But as a channeler or psychic whatever I am currently calling myself, I know that the energy of the world is changing and there will be more natural disasters.  In my 2010 channeling I felt the earth plates moving and el nino issues  yet I do not necessarily know why but I am starting to get a feeling that there are major earth shifts and those will impact many people.  Some reaction to my forecasts in the last several years have been  varied from dismissive to speculative to confirming my accuracy, including admiration for this accuracy.  As much as I strive to say it is not about me that is where it ends up because people still do not believe they can see also. My intent here is to give anyone interested a way to sense and then send healing to the future.


 My purpose as a channeler has also been to help change the future yet because it is in our collective consciousness that psychic visions require proof and only after manifestation and still there is often doubt.  One of the reasons that psychic predictions do not always manifest is because what the psychic is seeing is the possibilities that are on the higher realms – in spirit – that are forming.  Just as in individual readings I always instruct people to remember they have their free will and higher power to change their path, so do we as a global community.  When events begin to form in spirit that is the time for greatest change before manifestation into the physical reality.  For example, as an intuitive I often can see some kind of illness that is forming on a person’s  aura. When doing reiki I can tell if the energy of healing or more problems are forming and then the reiki serves to change that in spirit.  When negative events form in spirit that is the best place to turn the event around or at to at least minimizes the effects.  So when an intuitive pokes their head above the realms and begins to see dangers that may be forming that is not to incite fear but can serve as an opportunity to send energy to change.  Granted this is not across the board as there are many events that have happened in the world that many psychics/intuitive did not get – the tragedy of 911 is one example.  The reason being is that sometimes there is a greater force at work that we are not privy to – some say God’s plan and sometimes I just wonder if there are not enough of us taking time to sense.  No one gets everything nor should they.  I notice too that sometimes when I channel can’t always get as specific as I would like for example why are the earth’s plate’s shifting but I believe that is because these things are forming still they are not  in their most potent form, and are not that until they form into physical reality.


So in my meditations on the ever evolving past, present and future I am sharing with anyone who would like a way to sense the energy of possible troubles in the world and send healing energy and intent.


As an example, in my reiki classes afterwards when we are doing long distance healing reiki I place in the center of the room between us all a globe and then ask people to pick anywhere they would like to send healing energy.  What this usually does is to help heal a situation which has already occurred which is wonderful and many of you can do this to help send healing to Haiti by focusing on that country on a globe or map and focus your intent.


This is as wonderful as it is again is reactive but in this exercise rather than choose anywhere you already know allow your mind to rest in meditation and then write down an area of the world that you would like to send healing energy to. Having a globe or map in front of you can help because you may feel drawn to an area that you are unfamiliar with its location or problems.  Sit quietly in meditation and even close your eyes.  For those who are familiar with working with pendulums you can use the pendulum to draw you closer to the area.  Once you decide on an area if you are familiar with it begin to focus on sending light energy to it – think of a beam of blue or white healing light traveling through all time and space from your heart chakra to this area of the world.  As you do this begin to think of healing types of thoughts – chant, pray but most of return to seeing the light traveling giving healing and replenishment.   This is most crucial at the point where you decide where and begin to focus energy that is the point where even if you do not know why there must be no doubt.  Doubt and speculation can bring us back down into using our minds solely for intellectualizing and reasoning (which have their place) but can thwart our ability to sense intuitively.


For those who are reiki attuned work with the long distance healing symbol.  For those who are visual, as you progress through sending light allow yourself to see and see what impressions you get.  There is not right or wrong and even if you begin to see impressions that may be alarming realize that your healing and intention is beginning to change the energy of that event or situation.


As we move through the world as lightworkers we begin to see that our energy of our own personal light beings can change the world around us – the positive intentions we put before any situation can help with the outcome.  It takes a bit of trust to navigate through the ability to sense and send energy to something that hasn’t even manifested yet but now is the time to experiment.  It also takes a bit of patience to see how the changes are manifesting.  But in my view directed healing intent cannot lose - there is no ego and no selfish gain - just healing intent.


 It can be done and I invite you to try and if anyone wants to follow up with me and share experiences or questions please feel free to do so.


Mary Ann

Posted by maryann-psychic at 7:18 PM EST

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