Long distance Reiki meditation for swine flu victims
Thursday, 30 April 2009
Long distance reiki meditation
In my 2009 forecast (recorded on January 1, 2009) I talked about flu and virus concerns, here is an excerpt:

"there is a string of a virus or flu that may be coming through the water and traveling through the people.  I get something very odd about children in this country (US) school age children – suddenly getting sick and they don’t why they (doctors/medical establishment) may take awhile – they may think it is something else when it is really something more serious.  So anyone who has school age children, younger, grade school children – if there are symptoms of rapid coughing take your child to the doctor right away." "There will be stronger strains of viruses and bacteria that are developing and they (medical community) are trying to counteract.  But, their counteracting efforts makes some people sick then better.  People as a whole are going to become more concerned and this, some of this going over into the next few years and we are all going to become more concerned about airborne things (like bacteria, viruses, chemicals ) in the air and having the air in our homes  and workplaces be clean and clear is going to become very important."

Now, I do not believe that it will reach pandemic proportions what I do sense is that this may be an ongoing problem between the viruses and cures for viruses, new strains and so on...
My belief has always been prediction must be accompanied by healing. Below is a long distance reiki meditation that is taken in part from Buddhist breath meditation practices and Reiki symbolism.  It is  dedicated to the swine flu victims to send long distance reiki healing. 
Long distance healing meditation:
Begin in gassho (hands folded over heart).
close eyes
Breathe in and release breath, do this until you can relax deeply.  Thoughts of your everyday life that come to just release in light with the word "later".
Return to your breath
Begin to visualize the Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (a copy of the symbol is attached if you need it)
Allow the reiki energy to rise through you and feel it in your palms.
Continue to breathe in and out slowly and restfully.
Now as you breathe inward begin to think of the swine flu victims, the swine flu or any part of the news stories you have been seeing, just see the images even if it is only part
when you breathe out see the long distance reiki symbol
begin to shorten the images to bringing flu in - healing out
(please don't mistake this part for that you are bringing to the flu to yourself - you are "seeing" the problem so you can send healing energy to it)
whenever you like drop your hands but keep them folded
continue to breath in and out, bringing flu image in - sending healing out
you should be feeling the reiki energy flowing at this point
now begin to connect to your heart chakra feeling compassion and caring for all those who are ill
as you breathe in see those with the flu
as you breathe out send compassion from your heart chakra to them
then breathe in with no flu imagery only compasson breathe out with no symbol only compassion
stay gently with this caring energy for as long as you can
relaxing and releasing until it is subconscious
breathe in and breathe out
release and let go.
open eyes.
end of meditation.
stay in this meditation for as short or as long as you can
and if you somehow think you rearranged the steps don't worry it is your intention that will carry on the long distance symbol

Posted by maryann-psychic at 11:54 AM EDT

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